Buying Hearing Aids Online is Easier Than You Think!

While there is a lot of information about shopping for hearing aids online, quite a bit of it is just plain wrong. Different websites describe hearing aids available online to be generic, out-of-the-box devices, with no real benefits for the user. If you are planning on buying hearing aids online, is it important to gather the right information so you can make the best choice. 

We have gathered some common myths about buying hearing aids online and are ready to bust them — right here and now!

Myth #1: Buying Hearing Aids Online Does Not Allow for Custom Fittings

Contrary to what you might read about buying a hearing aid from other online shops, provides custom-made hearing aids that are guaranteed to work for you. The first step during the shopping experience on our website is finding a StartHearing-affiliated Hearing Care Center nearest to you. This partnership enables you to work with a local professional who will analyze your hearing test results and make sure your device is the perfect fit. There are no one-size-fits-all hearing aids in sight!

Myth #2: There are Not Many Hearing Aid Options Available Online has multiple types and styles of hearing aids available. No matter what style you are looking for — invisible, receiver-in-canal, or completely-in-canal — there is an option for you on our website. Different models work for different individuals, and we are happy to provide you with many choices.

Myth #3: No Professionals are Involved When Shopping for Hearing Aids Online

While some online retailers might send you an out-of-the-box hearing aid, matches you with a local audiologist to evaluate your hearing needs, schedule a custom fitting, and provide follow-up care when needed. We don’t just sell hearing aids, we have partnered with one of the largest hearing care networks in America to pair you with localized professional. We know how important it is to receive the right care.

Myth #4: Buying Hearing Aids Online is Expensive

You would think that the cost of completely-custom hearing aids would be expensive, but StartHearing offers American-made, premium hearing aids at thousands of dollars below list price. We can provide these prices because of our connections with local audiologists and hearing instrument specialists. Not only can you get affordable hearing aids online through, they will come with a minimum of a 1-year limited warranty. 

Myth #5: Special Hearing Aid Features are Not Available Online

With prices so low, you might be thinking that no special features are available for the hearing aids you purchase online. You will be surprised to learn that our customization process includes specialized features, such as smartphone compatibility, rechargeable batteries, as well as different accessories that a local Hearing Center will discuss with you.

Experience a Personalized Hearing Aid Shopping Experience with StartHearing

StartHearing is one of the most trusted online hearing aid resources. We provide a personalized and customizable shopping experience that matches you with a local hearing professional, so you can rest assured you will be taken care of, even after you have made your purchase. Our philosophy is making the journey to better hearing easier and more convenient for those who have suffered hearing loss. We do this by providing high quality, custom made, affordable hearing devices online. Start your journey today on!