We have a patient, Frank, 87, who loves his new Bluetooth hearing aids because he can work in his garden with both hands while talking to his 56-year-old daughter out of state. The audio signal is beamed directly and wirelessly into his hearing aids. “Wow!” he says.

Today, we can surf the internet at the touch of a button with a smartphone, stream a show by use of the Internet through a smart TV and receive calls through our car speakers via Bluetooth. As technology improves in our phones, televisions, and cars, it would only make sense for hearing aids to follow suit. Starkey Hearing Technologies’ innovative Bluetooth hearing aids have revolutionized our hearing loss solutions!

Bluetooth hearing aid wirelessly connects to I-phone

Bluetooth hearing aids now make it possible for you to wirelessly stream music and phone calls from your mobile device directly to your hearing aids.

Starkey has now partnered with Apple and created the Halo 2, Made for iPhone Bluetooth Hearing Aids. These innovative devices have the capability to connect to the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iWatch via Bluetooth and the TruLink app. Bluetooth technology allows electronic devices to wirelessly communicate. This makes connecting several devices in a smaller area (i.e.: a house or office) much easier and decreases transmission power, which saves battery life. The new Halo 2 has this Bluetooth technology integrated into the hearing aid, which is then able to communicate with all of these other electronic devices. For now, this communication is compatible with iPhone products only, but soon this technology will also be available for Android products. The TruLink app can be downloaded for free and is used to take advantage of all the great features the Halo 2 has to offer. In this post, we will explain specifically how the hearing aids function with the iPhone.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids and the TruLink App

There are many different features a patient can enjoy with the Made for iPhone Bluetooth Hearing Aids by use of the TruLink app. For example, it allows the patient to speak hands-free when talking on the phone. When someone calls the patient, they will hear the telephone ring through their hearing aids and will press the answer button on the iPhone. Then they will simply talk as the person’s voice comes through the hearing aids, loud and clear. This is especially helpful in the vehicle or if your hands are tied at work. The difference between this and speakerphone is that no one else in the room can hear the conversation and the person’s voice is coming through the hearing aids at that patient’s hearing loss prescription.

Another great feature of the Bluetooth hearing aids is they can be utilized in SoundSpace, allowing the patient to manipulate the sound coming through the aids. This is very useful if the patient is in a noisy environment and needs a little assistance communicating. You would simply press the SoundSpace button on the TruLink app, and a screen will pop up with the words “bass, treble, louder and softer”. The patient can then drag a small blue dot across the screen to give more treble or less bass until the listening environment is comfortable. Think of this feature as a very intricate remote control. If the patient is listening in a restaurant they frequent, they can then geotag themselves and save the settings. The next time they enter the restaurant, the hearing aids will automatically switch over to that setting to provide them the optimal listening experience.

The TruLink app has a microphone option where the patient can record a difficult listening environment to show to their hearing healthcare professional so that specific programming adjustments can be made. Also due to the Bluetooth connection, when a song or video is played on the iPhone, it will stream directly to the hearing aids. This option is a great replacement for earbuds.

The Made for iPhone Bluetooth Hearing Aids are the perfect solution for a patient still in the workforce or a retired patient that spends a lot of time on the phone talking to loved ones. This innovative technology is making a real difference in the lives of patients, and one demonstration is all it takes to become hooked on the joy of an ultimate hearing experience.