If you’re reading this post, chances are you or a loved one may be experiencing hearing loss and are considering hearing aids. You may even have an audiologist’s recommendation for hearing aids but were unfortunately discouraged by the expensive price tag many of the best hearing devices carry.

If the above describes you or a loved one, please read on. This isn’t an article about the different models of hearing aids available or their features. It is about a new approach to hearing health services. Purchasing a hearing aid online is quickly becoming the cheapest and most convenient way to take charge of your hearing health.

Purchasing Online Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Consumers today have access to more product information and reviews than ever before. Virtually every product and service available can be researched and scrutinized without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

So why is buying a hearing aid online potentially difficult? Purchasing a hearing aid online without the guidance of a hearing health expert is risky business. Without a hearing test or help of a local audiologist or hearing instrument specialist, you can’t be certain the hearing aid you’re purchasing is right for your level of hearing loss. A hearing aid is a sophisticated device and should be considered a deliberate investment in your health.

Questions a local expert can help you answer include:

Will my new hearing aid…

  • Fit properly?
  • Serve my individual needs?
  • Treat my level of hearing loss?
  • Come with a warranty?
  • Be eligible for maintenance?

These are the real concerns people face and without the help of a local expert, the answer to these questions will likely be “no”. Without the professional help of an audiologist, a hearing aid purchased online will expectedly not fit properly, not serve your specific needs, nor will they come personally programmed or backed by a warranty of any practical kind.

But what if you could combine the best of both? The convenience of online shopping, taking your time to research different products, getting real-world testimony from other consumers just like you combined with the trusted support and backing of a local hearing specialist? The answer is, you can! It’s exactly why we created StartHearing.

Why StartHearing is Safe, Reputable, & Risk-Free

Our goal is to make the path to better hearing easier than ever before. How do we do this? With high-quality hearing devices combined with professional, local service that goes far beyond the point of purchase.

To make our goal a reality we’ve partnered with local audiologists nationwide to create a network that provides best in class hearing aids, pricing that fits any budget, and individualized fittings & services that will benefit your hearing health for years to come.

The Right Device

What makes purchasing hearing aids through Start Hearing so safe is that you DO NOT spend a single cent without first knowing that the hearing device you select will, in fact, be the right device for you.

The process is simple, you browse and compare styles to find one you like best along with the features and technology level that will best fit your lifestyle needs. You then make an appointment with a local hearing healthcare specialist who will perform an updated hearing screening to ensure you are receiving the correct device and technology to correct your unique hearing loss.

Your new hearing aid device will be personally fitted and programmed for optimal performance and if for whatever reason your new device isn’t the right choice for you, your local hearing health provider will work with you to help you build the perfect hearing aid at no extra cost.

The Right Price

One of the greatest hurdles people face when purchasing hearing aids is the high cost. These are sophisticated, life-changing devices and we strive to make them available to all who need them. By partnering with a large network of audiologists and hearing aid specialists, StartHearing is able to offer credible name brand products at discounts above 50% off retail prices.

We’re allowing more people to treat their hearing loss with top quality hearing aids than ever before. Not only will you get steep discounts on the best hearing devices but your purchase will come with a promise.

A local provider will…

  • Fit, program, & instruct you how to use your hearing device
  • Clean & maintain your hearing device
  • Conduct annual hearing examinations & performance updates
  • Provide these services at no cost to you

StartHearing also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. There is nothing to lose and your best hearing possible to gain.

The Best Way to Buy Hearing Aids Online

The only safe way to buy a quality hearing aid online is with the help of a local audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. Once you have selected your own custom-made hearing aid(at the guaranteed lowest price) and scheduled your local professional fitting, your local hearing healthcare center will reach out to you to confirm your appointment. They will be gracious and accommodating for choosing them to help you with your hearing correction.

They will make certain you are choosing the correct hearing aid for your needs so you may leave with confidence knowing you have the right device for the best possible price.

StartHearing and the local hearing professionals we work with wish to provide you with the best hearing experience possible. We promise high-quality custom hearing aids that are professionally fit and offered for the lowest possible price. We invite you to take the first step and contact StartHearing today.