For some, the traditional route of purchasing hearing aids can be an intimidating, lengthy process. Make an appointment, get tested for hearing loss, then wonder if you’re being sold the best product or the product the sales person wants you to buy. Questions like, ‘What are my pricing options?’ ‘How does this store stack up to the competition?’ ‘Am I getting a good deal?’ Aren’t easily answered. 

If you’ve found yourself wishing you could browse and research hearing aids from the comfort and convenience of your own home, purchasing hearing aids online might be the right option for you. Start Hearing allows you to research and purchase your hearing aids online quickly and easily.

Why Purchase Your Hearing Aid Online?

Shopping for your hearing aids online allows you to really do your homework and become confident in your purchasing decision. You can browse the latest hearing aid styles and technologies, their benefits, and considerations, and best of all: prices. All before setting foot insde an office. 

The Benefits of purchasing your hearing aids online include:

  • Buying online from StartHearing gives you access to extremely discounted hearing aids.
  • Online shopping gives you the ability to browse the latest styles, technologies, and accessories from the comfort and convenience of your home.
  • Our website features an abundance of information to research your hearing aid options and feel confident in your purchasing decision.
  • You can choose from a wide selection of hearing aids online.
  • Buying online saves you time by allowing you to quickly find and purchase the hearing aids you desire.
  • Unlike an in-office experience, you’re able to make your decision free from any unwanted pressure from sales associates.

Hearing Aid Options

Shopping for hearing aids online gives you access to all hearing aid styles and models including:

  • Invisible Hearing Aids: Hearing aids so tiny, no one will notice you’re wearing them.
  • Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aids: Perfect for many first-time hearing aid wearers.
  • Smartphone Compatible Hearing Aids: Streams phone calls, Netflix, music, and more directly to your hearing aids.
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids: Enjoy continuous, stable, and uninterrupted use without batteries.
  • Completely-In-Canal Hearing Aids: Custom-made and virtually undetectable.

StartHearing provides you with detailed information on all hearing aid styles and technologies as you shop. You’ll even be able to view your potential hearing aid in full detail using our 360-degree product images. In addition to choosing your hearing aid model and technology, you’ll be able to browse the different color and accessory options available.

Personal Care and Custom Fitting

What makes StartHearing so special? Unlike most hearing aid sites, you get the ability to build your custom-made hearing aids online AND have them professionally fit by a local audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. What’s more? Your hearing care doesn’t stop after you have your new hearing aids fit-  you’ll also receive local follow-up care, fine-tuning, and adjustments for the life of your new hearing aids. We’re here with you for the long run!

Steps to Purchasing Your Hearing Aids Online

Here’s what will happen when you order your hearing aid online:

  1. First, you will find the closest affiliated hearing center by entering your zip code. This step will locate the office where you will be tested, fitted for your hearing aid, and given follow-up aftercare.
  2. Choose your hearing aid style. In this step, you will pick the style of hearing aid that matches your hearing needs, aesthetic concerns, and lifestyle.
  3. Once you select the style you desire, you will get the chance to browse the latest hearing aid technologies available. Once you select and highlight any given technology, details on this technology will appear towards the bottom of the page. This information highlights the specifications of each technology and helps determine which may be best given your unique lifestyle. You should give special consideration to how active you are and what listening environments your hearing aids will need to assist you in. Are you looking for assistance in daily conversation in the comfort of your own home? In the workplace? At a crowded restaurant or social event? Select the technology level that you think most closely resembles your needs.
  4. Now it’s time to customize your hearing aids. Let us know which ears are hard of hearing. Are you having trouble in one ear or both? Once you select which ears need hearing help, you’ll be able to browse the different color options available.
  5. Next, you’ll be able to review every detail of your order including your highly discounted reserved price and potential financing options. Once you’ve reviewed your selections and are confident in your choices, you’ll be able to schedule your appointment with your local expert.
  6. When the day of your appointment comes, you’ll complete a hearing screening with your local specialist and be custom-fitted with your new hearing aids!

Enjoy Your New Hearing

The final step of your online hearing aid shopping experience will be a rewarding one; you’ll get to enjoy your life free from hearing loss.

StartHearing today by building your hearing aids here.