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Connect directly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch or Android phone via the Thrive Hearing or TruLink app.

As technology moves forward, hearing aids move right along with them. Hearing aids that can connect to your smartphone allow for increased control and more convenience than ever before. With your smartphone in hand, you may make adjustments to your hearing devices and deliver audio from your TV, stereo, or phone calls directly through your hearing aids. Smartphone compatible hearing aids provide a more personalized listening experience and can make transitions between varying listening environments uncomplicated.

The Advantages of Smartphone Compatible Hearing Aids

With smartphone compatible hearing aids, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Natural Sound Quality – With smartphone compatible hearing aids, you won’t have to deal with annoying buzzing or whistling noises. Store location settings and your hearing aids will automatically switch to provide you with optimal listening for any environment.

Concealed & Remote Adjustments – Control and program your device privately through the use of your smartphone. No one will know whether you are adjusting your hearing aid or checking your email. You may also allow your audiologist to make adjustments and update your device settings remotely via your smartphone. This becomes helpful for busy schedules or physical limitations.

Audio Streaming – Using Bluetooth wireless technology, smartphone compatible hearing aids can stream audio from phone calls, music, and TV directly to your hearing aids. Adjust the volume to your liking without interrupting others and also block out competing background noise.

iPhone and Android Compatible – Experience the ability to sync your hearing aid with your mobile device. Stream your favorite music or answer important calls without struggle. The list of compatible devices continues to grow as more and more smartphones and hearing apps come available.

Smartphone Compatible Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid customization allows for a one of a kind hearing device that fits your exact need for maximum comfort and performance.

Microtech Esentia Hearing Aid logo

Esentia™ – Enjoy advanced connectivity and access to all of your modern-day apps, telephone, and streaming services with Esentia’s cutting-edge technology. Use the Thrive app to adjust your hearing aid on the go or take charge of the geotagged memory feature which will adjust your hearing aid settings based on your current location.

Kinnect iQ™ – Experience the versatility and possibilities of your smartphone hearing aid with our custom Kinnect iQ™ system. Take direct phone calls from your iPhone on the go, or utilize Noise Manager to set your listening environment preference. With Surface™ NanoShield you can be sure to that your hearing aid will stay protected from all damaging elements including water and excessive ear wax.

kinnect2 logo

Kinnect 2™ – Using the included Acuity™ and SoundSpace adjustable settings features, you can improve speech audibility and manage environmental noise like a pro. Additional features include remote control, GPS geotagging and compatibility with your Apple Watch.

Who are the candidates?

The most common candidates for smartphone compatible hearing aids experience mild to moderately severe hearing loss and desire the advanced features and applications afforded by smartphone connectivity.

Candidates for Smartphone compatible hearing aids should consider the following:

Smartphone Use – Candidates for using smartphone compatible hearing aids must be comfortable using new technology. Some users may find difficulty understanding and adjusting hearing aid settings.

Visually Impaired – Users with poor vision may find it difficult to use their smartphone properly and effectively.

Tech Savvy – On the contrary, adept smartphone users will find added benefits with the many applications and personalized settings available.

Are Smartphone Compatible Hearing Aids for Everyone?

Although smartphone compatible hearing aids are an ideal option for many individuals with hearing loss, they may not be the right fit for everyone. Clients who desire a more discrete or less technology dependent hearing aid may want to consider another hearing aid option.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aids for You

While there are many hearing aid options available to you, we recommend that you choose a hearing aid based on your specific needs. StartHearing makes the path toward better hearing easy and affordable. Our hearing aids are personally customized, adjusted, and maintained by local hearing professionals and audiologists. Our goal is to ensure you receive the best quality hearing possible. If you would like to schedule a comprehensive hearing exam or hearing aid consultation, please call or contact us online today.

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Smartphone Compatible

Connect directly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch or Android phone via the Thrive Hearing or TruLink app.

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