Frequently Asked Questions

What if my Custom Made, Professionally Fit hearing aid is not the right device for me?

Our local Hearing Healthcare Professionals will perform an updated hearing screening to ensure you are receiving the right Custom Made, Professionally Fit Lowest Price Guaranteed device to correct your unique hearing loss. If the device you built on StartHearing isn’t the correct device for you, our local Hearing Healthcare Professional will work with you to build your correct Custom Made, Professional Fit hearing aid at the Lowest Price Guaranteed.

How will I know if I am choosing the right hearing aid device for me?

We make this process simple! Choose the style you like best. Then, choose the technology level that best fits with your lifestyle. StartHearing will show you which devices are best for certain types of life style.

Do I need custom fit hearing aids?

We are pleased that we are able to offer a Lowest Price Guarantee on custom fit hearing aids. Custom fit hearing aids require the StartHearing affiliated local Hearing Healthcare Professional to take an ear mold of your ear canal so that your Custom Made hearing aids are made to fit your unique ear canal and hearing difficulty. A custom fit means best sound quality.

What if I cannot find an appointment date and time that fits my schedule?

Our local Hearing Healthcare Centers service many StartHearing customers, along with their own patients. At times, their schedules can be very busy and booked. If you cannot find an acceptable appointment date and time online, please call us at (888) 266-1692. One of our StartHearing Customer Care Advocates will be able to assist you.

How do I know if I have a hearing loss?

You are not alone. Most people are not aware that they have a hearing loss. If you’re unsure if you are suffering from a hearing loss, you can schedule a free hearing screening with a StartHearing affiliated hearing healthcare center. No purchase necessary.

Call now to schedule (888) 266-1692

Will my hearing aids work with my phone?

StartHearing features the Esentia hearing aids, which can connect via Bluetooth to your smart phone.

Will my hearing aids be rechargeable?

StartHearing features rechargeable hearing aids that can be selected from the style screen during your hearing aid build.

Are there accessories for my hearing aids?

Yes! We do not have these listed on StartHearing, but our affiliated Hearing Healthcare Centers will have options available to you.

What if I only have a hearing loss in one ear?

StartHearing allows you to select the ear(s) in which you have a hearing loss. If you have a hearing loss in only one ear, you can get a Custom Made, Professionally Fit device for that one ear at the Guaranteed Lowest Price.

Will my insurance cover any of this?

StartHearing affiliated Hearing Healthcare Centers work with many different insurance companies. At the time of your Professional Fitting, we will work with your insurance company to verify any hearing health benefit you may have.

Where are your hearing aids made?

All of the hearing aids listed on StartHearing are made by the only US Owned and Operated Hearing Aid Manufacturer.

Do you offer financing?

StartHearing is happy to accept cash, check, and credit card payments. We offer a variety of low cost monthly payment options for patients who qualify for financing.

Does StartHearing offer devices for tinnitus?

Yes! All of our devices listed on StartHearing can help treat tinnitus with Multiflex Tinnitus Technology. Be sure to let StartHearing’s affiliated Hearing Healthcare Center know that you’re suffering from tinnitus at your Professional Fitting appointment.

Do my new hearing aids come with a warranty?

Yes, all of the devices listed on StartHearing come with a minimum of a 1-year limited warranty.

Do my new hearing aids come with a service plan?

Service provided* on your new Custom Made, Professionally Fit, Lowest Price Guaranteed hearing aids are complimentary for the first 60-days. After your 60-day complimentary service period, our StartHearing local Hearing Healthcare Center will provide comprehensive service plans for an additional charge.

What if my hearing aids aren’t working properly?

After you are Professional Fit with your Custom Made hearing aids, it takes several weeks for your brain to adapt to the new devices. Your brain must re-learn sounds it has not heard in while. The StartHearing affiliated local Hearing Healthcare Professional will work closely with you to fine tune your hearing aids as your brain re-learns the sounds you were once missing to get the most out of your hearing heads for your hearing health.

What if I am not satisfied with my hearing aids?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Custom Made, Professionally Fit, Lowest Price Guaranteed hearing aids, our local StartHearing affiliated Hearing Healthcare Professionals will work with you to find the device that is right for you, or your money back.**

What is your return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Custom Made, Professionally Fit, Lowest Price Guaranteed hearing aids you may return them, no questions asked, for a full refund** within the first 60-days of purchase.

*Services included are programming, tuning, adjustments and cleanings.
**Less applicable fees.

Hearing Aid Style Guides

Find the perfect hearing aid for your lifestyle


With the industry’s fastest charger, your hearing aids will always be ready to go.

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Smartphone Compatible

Connect directly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch or Android phone via the Thrive Hearing or TruLink app.

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Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)

Small, discrete, and quick to fit. Perfect for many first-time hearing aid wearers.

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Completely-In-Canal (CIC)

Only the tiny removal handle of the hearing shows outside of the ear canal.

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Invisible (IIC)

Hearing aids so tiny, no one will notice you’re wearing them.

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Customer Reviews

Changing lives, one patient at a time

The Hearing Aid Center, Franklin County

Took my clients device to be repaired. Very accommodating and no charge.
Carolyn Jernigan

The Hearing Aid Center, Franklin County

Good people!
Euless Darren Minor

NewSound Hearing Centers, Cedar Falls

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and a clean office😉
Nich Keifer

McMinnville Hearing Center, Yamhill County

Helpful and super friendly staff, always going the extra step to make me feel cared for, always willing to fix "whatever comes up". I highly recommend McMinnville Hearing Center!
tille kowolik

McMinnville Hearing Center, Yamhill County

Wonderful service.
Sharon Buehler

NewSound Hearing Centers, Northtown

I have had the best experience getting my new hearing aids.the best service ever! thanks new sound
Gene Cote

NewSound Hearing Centers, Northtown

With the help of a community services resource my mother received hearing aids from Hear Now, a charitable foundation, through a providing company in the Spokane Valley. After a year of poor communication and service from the original company I searched for another provider that worked with the Hear Now Foundation and found NewSound. I called and spoke to Marilyn who was very helpful and professional. She encouraged me to bring my mother's hearing aids and paperwork to their office. What a difference. Walking in I was immediately impressed by the wealth of information they provided and the clean and caring atmosphere. Karen was very helpful and kind to me, as were Marilyn and LeAnn. LeAnn did a test on my mother's hearing aids and discovered the original provider had not programmed the hearing aid settings to match the results of my mother's hearing test. LeAnn fixed this and NewSound mailed the hearing aids back to my mother from their office. What a difference, my mother was finally hearing the way she should have been and was amazed at the results. Later on I went with her to NewSound get her hearing tested and NewSound updated her hearing aids accordingly and provided us both with instructions and helpful tips on maintaining the hearing aids. Marilyn, Karen, and LeAnn are a wonderful team committed to providing all of their clients with the best possible hearing outcomes. My mother is 88 years old but active in her church, her town affairs and her social commitments. With NewSound helping her to better hearing she feels like she has a new lease on life and can be fully active in her pursuits. I can't thank NewSound enough for their wonderful care.
Dani Leland

NewSound Hearing Centers, Northtown

My husband get the best care at New Sound! We are so grateful for all that they do for us, they take time, they really listen and they are the best advocates when necessary! Thank you!
Charlene Hill

NewSound Hearing Centers, Northtown

Very pleased. Everyone that I encountered in this office was professional and helpful. LeAnn was very understanding. I am happy to do business with New Sound Hearing.
Tawnia Littell

NewSound Hearing Centers, Northtown

Haven't hD hearing aids before a and I am amazed with the quality and complete ease of this product. They are easy to insert and simple to keep up all the extra food things. So much to tell. Need hearing aids, this is the place to go.
Vella Carlberg

NewSound Hearing Centers, Essex County

NewSound Hearing represents high quality products and service for those with hearing deficiencies. We have been customers for years, and always have gotten the best of care.
chapstix911 .

The Hearing Center, Hennepin County

Great knowledgeable staff
carole nee

The Hearing Center, Hennepin County

great selection for all your hearing needs
Erik Hettinga

Garrett Hearing Aid Center, Merced

What a nice couple, the Gibson's. Saw I was a vet with hearing aids from the VA and fixed them for me at no cost. Many say thanks to us for our service, but it sure feels nice to hear my phone again a true thanks from and for a vet.
Ronald Rouse

Garrett Hearing Aid Center, Merced

I can't express how thankful, I am for using Garrett's Hearing Aid Center for my father's hearing aid needs. My father was a loyal, longtime customer of Garrett's before his passing. All the staff are friendly and knowledgeable people, especially Rebecca. Rebecca always went over and beyond with her excellent customer service skills. I will forever be grateful for her and the staff.
Marie R

Garrett Hearing Aid Center, Merced

They took great care of me so far
R Lew

Garrett Hearing Aid Center, Merced

They are friendly and knowledgeable. And always make time for me.
Luwana Ransier

NewSound Hearing Centers, Lehigh County

Have received meticulous and comprehensive care all through my many years of hearing deficiencies. Will recommend this business to anyone and everyone. Thank You!
Claudine Fuhrman

NewSound Hearing Centers, Lehigh County

As usual, my visit to Hear PA was a good experience. Everyone is very knowledgeable, very friendly, and very helpful. keep up the good work.
Deb & Bundy Bednar

NewSound Hearing Centers, Lehigh County

Was received with a professional and personal concern. Tom and Stephanie have always treated me with their top experience. Always concerned with my problems with my hearing aids and giving me fullest attention.
John Mariano

The Hearing Aid Center, Dickson

The staff is very friendly and they truly care about helping their patients.
Kelley Seymore

The Hearing Aid Center, Dickson

Staff is very friendly!
Leisa Dollar

The Hearing Aid Center, Lawrence County

I would highly recommend The Hearing Aid Center. Tiffany and her staff were very friendly and efficient. I am finally able to enjoy time with my family again after getting help with my hearing. If you are having trouble with your hearing and feel like you are missing out on life these are the people to come see!
G Hardy

The Hearing Aid Center, Lawrence County

I was impressed with the professional, friendly manner of the staff at the Lawrenceburg location of The Hearing Aid Center. They were very efficient and took the time to clearly explain everything I needed to know regarding my new hearing aids.
Crystal White

The Hearing Aid Center, Lawrence County

I would like to tell you my story about my hearing loss. Fourteen years ago I punched my right ear drum with a Q tip. I had surgery about two months after my accident. I had complete hearing loss in that ear. I've got 74% hearing in my left ear. My hearing was so bad that I couldn't make out what people would say when I would talk too them. I would ask them to repeat what they had said. Then I would apologize for not being able too hear them. I've tried two different Hearing Aid Centers through the years and my hearing has declined. I knew that I had to do something. I heard about The Hearing Aid Center in Lawrenceburg TN and I thought I would give them a try. I can't believe how it has changed my life. I've had to turn the tv down. I can hear my wife talk and I don't ask her to repeat herself. I had a bad noise in my ear all the time and now it's so much better. So I'm saying too you, please don't give up, there is help for you. I'm so proud that I heard about The Hearing Aid Center in Lawrenceburg TN. They have completely changed my life for the better.
Willie Strait

Advanced Hearing Care, San Diego County

I have come to this office for several years. My hearing loss is not severe, but I wanted be proactive. I like that my hearing aides include periodic visits to check the aides and keep track of my hearing loss. The staff is very friendly and not pushy about wanting me to buy more advanced aides. I have updated my aides when I wanted new features.
Linda LeVier

Advanced Hearing Care, San Diego County

Advanced hearing is the only hearing company that I have used. Collette who is the receptionist is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Dean Blount has taken care of me for two years is very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to get along with. As long as these two people are there i highly recommend the Encinitas office
Martin Rindler

Advanced Hearing Care, San Diego County

I am very pleased with my new hearing aids and the service provided by Advanced Hearing Care.
Jim Condon

Advanced Hearing Care, San Diego County

Caring staff.
Lisa Foland

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