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8120 S Holly St #107, Centennial, CO 80112, USA

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Why Centennial is Worth Hearing

Just 15 miles from the heart of Denver, Centennial is an ideal location. Ranked as the 16th safest city in the nation, it’s a city with a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. From a variety of nature parks to choose from, it offers a peaceful view of the abundant wildlife of Colorado. For a more cultural immersion, you will find the numerous expert art museums very inspiring. In addition, it’s only a short drive away from historical and lively locations like the University of Denver and Union Station. Don’t miss out on the sounds and moments of Centennial’s charm and get fitted with a custom hearing aid today.

At our Centennial office, we provide a variety of high-end, customizable hearing aids made specifically for your hearing needs. Choose the color, style, and sync advanced technology for an upbeat routine in the downtown area of Denver. Or, if you’re looking for a more laid-back experience, check out our more traditional line of hearing aids to fully enjoy your surroundings in Colorado.

A doctor inserting hearing aid to a patient's ear
Hearing instrument specialist JoAnn Dunn
JoAnn Dunn

JoAnn Dunn, BC-HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialis

Customer satisfaction always comes first with JoAnn. Throughout her years as a BC-HIS, she strives to listen carefully to each of her patients and their individual needs. Because she comes from a family of hearing aid wearers, she personally understands the difficulties of hearing loss. JoAnn demonstrates a caring, friendly, and professional appearance with her patients. She is excited to bring enthusiasm and a great work ethic to everyone that visits her clinic.

JoAnn is originally from the Northwest and joined Affordable Hearing in 2009. JoAnn is a outdoor enthusiast who loves biking, hiking, water-skiing, and of course snow skiing!

Hearing Aid Style Guides

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With the industry’s fastest charger, your hearing aids will always be ready to go.

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Smartphone Compatible

Connect directly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch or Android phone via the Thrive Hearing or TruLink app.

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Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)

Small, discrete, and quick to fit. Perfect for many first-time hearing aid wearers.

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Completely-In-Canal (CIC)

Only the tiny removal handle of the hearing shows outside of the ear canal.

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Invisible (IIC)

Hearing aids so tiny, no one will notice you’re wearing them.

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