StartHearing is revolutionizing the way we purchase hearing aids online. Setting new standards for professional and affordable hearing care with a localized touch. Shopping for hearing aids online gives you the opportunity to research and compare different hearing aid models, styles, and features.

Considering your options before setting foot inside an office will enable you to make an informed and confident decision with your hearing care professional about your hearing needs.

There exists a lot of misinformation regarding the purchasing of hearing aids online and we’d like to clear up a few of the most commonly believed myths.

Myth: When you buy online… You won’t know which device is right for you.

Fact: At StartHearing, we’ve made it our mission to simplify and streamline the hearing aid purchasing process. In doing so, we’ve combined the convenience of online shopping with the support and expertise of a local hearing specialist. We understand well the difficulties you face when it comes to selecting an appropriate hearing device.

Like all potential customers, you have questions:

Will my new hearing aid…

  • Serve my specific needs?
  • Fit properly in my ear canal?
  • Be covered by a warranty?

These are real concerns everyone should consider, furthermore, what if the hearing device you choose isn’t the right device for you?

Our approach begins with a focus on helping you determine your needs first. With StartHearing, you get to browse and compare several hearing aid styles and models along with all available features and technologies. This allows you to identify which devices may best serve your lifestyle needs and to do so without any unsolicited pressure from a salesperson.

Simply consider your needs, select any hearing aid styles or features you find appealing, and the best part yet, choose a local audiologist near you to schedule a professional hearing loss consultation and screening. If the hearing device you selected isn’t the best option for you, our hearing care professionals will work with you to build a custom-made device that is guaranteed to benefit your specific level of hearing loss.

All without having to make any commitment.

Myth: When you buy hearing aids online… You won’t receive services after the sale.

Fact: When you shop for hearing aids with StartHearing, you’ll receive all of the benefits of working with a licensed and local audiologist. We’ve partnered with hearing aid specialists and audiologists across the nation to bring you the most extensive hearing care network in the U.S.

Once you have chosen your desired hearing device and features, you will be able to schedule a hearing consultation with a hearing aid specialist near you. During your consultation, your hearing care professional will perform an updated hearing screening to ensure you will be getting the right hearing device to correct your individual level of hearing loss.

From here you will receive services, personally tailored to you, long after the point of sale:

Through your local hearing care provider, you’ll get access to…

  • Custom Fit Hearing Aids
  • Programming & Adjustment Support
  • Cleaning & Repair Service
  • Performance Updates
  • Hearing Aid Instruction
  • Annual Hearing Examinations

Unlike retail stores, hearing aid chains, or other unscrupulous online distributors, StartHearing strives to provide every customer with valuable, high-quality services after you take your new hearing aids home.

Myth: When you buy hearing aids online… You have limited options and pay for features you don’t really want.

Fact: Hearing aids are life-changing medical devices designed to treat a diverse range of hearing loss. StartHearing and our national network of hearing care professionals understand that no two individual’s hearing loss is the same and never take a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

When you shop online with us you will have access to many hearing aid styles and models including:

  • Invisible Hearing Aids
  • Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids
  • Completely-In-Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids
  • Smartphone Compatible Hearing Aids

Many people in the past have felt pressured into purchasing hearing aids based on their inclusion of the newest technology instead of the patients own best interests. Some hearing aid models are very small and require a certain level of manual dexterity to handle. Others are equipped with wireless technology to enable connections to your smartphone or television. In any case, as amazing as some of these devices and features are, not everyone will need, use, or even want to have them, let alone pay for them.

Unlike other hearing aid sites, every hearing aid device created by StartHearing is custom made bearing the features and style you select. No additional technologies or accessories you don’t want or need, giving you the most beneficial and cost-effective hearing device you can get.

Why Purchase Your Hearing Aids Online

Buying online from StartHearing affords you the ability to browse available hearing aid styles and technologies from the comfort of your home. Our website features an intuitive and simple process catered to providing you clear and understandable information regarding your options so you may feel confident in your purchase decision.

If you are ready to begin your journey towards better hearing, Start the Process. Or contact us online to get assistance from our highly trained staff. StartHearing today!