There doesn’t seem to be a business or industry today that has not made a shift from a solely brick-and-mortar storefront to the global online marketplace that the internet has become. Nearly every variety of goods and services have become easily and readily available for purchase with just a few clicks of the mouse or taps on the screen. Often offering greater convenience in terms of product selection and cost-savings.

The hearing industry is no exception to these changes and in recent years we have witnessed a substantial expansion in the presence of online hearing aid distributors and resellers. This increase is both a blessing and a curse for those seeking to improve their hearing health. A blessing because more people experiencing hearing loss now have greater access to life-changing hearing devices and care – a curse due to the rise of unsatisfactory hearing aid sites designed to separate you from your money with little to show for it.

At StartHearing, our mission from the very beginning has been to make the process of purchasing a hearing aid simple and convenient. By combining high-quality custom-made hearing devices at affordable prices with comprehensive aftercare services we’ve made it our goal to revolutionize the way people purchase hearing aids online.

Thinking about buying hearing aids online? Read on to learn what you should know before you make a purchase.

When Purchasing Hearing Aids Online…

Be Certain the Hearing Aid You Select is the Right Device

While hearing aid technology has come a long way, not every hearing device will serve your specific level of hearing loss and what may have worked for others may not work for you. It is important to consider the many different hearing aid styles and models available in order to find a device that might work well for your needs. This includes how the device will be worn e.g. in the ear canal, behind the ear, etc., the functionality of the device e.g. wireless connectivity, specialized microphones, etc., and how active your lifestyle is i.e. what real-world situations do you find you have difficulty hearing?

StartHearing knows well how difficult it can be for someone to determine which hearing aid device will treat their hearing loss. Because of this, our initial approach is to have you consider your own needs first. Consider your personal hearing needs so you may browse and compare different hearing aid styles and their features.

Best of all, we’ve partnered with local audiologists nation-wide. Once you have found a device you believe may work for you, schedule a professional hearing loss consultation and screening with a hearing specialist near you to determine your hearing needs. If the device you selected isn’t an ideal choice, our hearing specialist will assist you in building the perfect custom-tailored hearing aid at no cost or commitment.

Understand Hearing Aids Are Not Ready Out of the Box

Hearing aids are in fact complex medical devices and as such require careful programming and ongoing adjustments before they can adequately treat your hearing loss. Too often are people convinced that the generic one size fits all hearing amplifiers found at large retail stores or other hearing aid websites are enough to get them by. This may be true when it comes to first impressions; maybe you tried the product demonstration and liked the price so you brought them home. But you may soon realize that the hearing device you purchased has many shortcomings; they do not fit well making them uncomfortable to wear and they have limited features and versatility. Furthermore, hearing aids that are not properly programmed and tuned for your specific level of hearing loss can actually make your hearing problems worse.

When you purchase a hearing aid online with StartHearing, not only are you getting the convenience and cost-savings of online shopping but you also receive the benefits and services of a professional local audiologist. After your hearing consultation and choosing the right hearing aid for you, you’ll have access to personally tailored services. These services include but are not limited to: a custom fitting to provide the most comfortable fit, programming, ongoing adjustments, and performance updates in order to keep your hearing aids functioning the way they were intended.

Make Sure Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

The last thing you want to happen is to make a purchase only to experience buyers remorse later on. It is essential that your hearing aid vendor be able to cover the following criteria:

Warranty – Be sure you’re hearing devices come with a warranty so you’re not left footing the bill for a defective hearing aid. Your hearing aid vendor should be authorized to sell the particular brand you’re purchasing.

Return Policy – Under which circumstances are you allowed to return your purchase? Many online vendors charge return fees or worse yet; do not accept returns at all.

Maintenance Service – Regular follow-up visits to your local audiologist are crucial for programming and maintaining your hearing aids. Without which will force you to ship your devices to the manufacturer for repairs and potentially be without your hearing aids for weeks.

At StartHearing, your satisfaction comes first. Each and every hearing device listed on our website comes with a minimum 1-year limited warranty. If you are not satisfied with your custom-made hearing aids, for whatever reason, you may return them for a full refund within the first 60-days. Our local hearing providers will work with you to find the device that is right for you.

Furthermore, after your purchase, you will have access to beneficial services. These include programming, tuning, adjustments, and cleaning to ensure your new hearing aids are working properly and providing you the advantage of better hearing.

The Best Way to Buy Hearing Aids Online

It is easier than ever before to purchase quality affordable hearing aids online – risk-free. Please contact us online today if you have questions, our highly trained staff is ready to assist you and address any of your concerns. If you’re ready to begin your hearing health journey, Start the Process.