Purchasing your very first pair of hearing aids can feel overwhelming at the beginning. You may find yourself asking questions like “Where do I even start looking for hearing aids?”, “How can I trust they will work for me?”, “Is there an easier way to shop for hearing aids?” All of these concerns are valid and without the right resources and guidance, you might find yourself purchasing the first hearing device you come across and your hearing loss will likely go improperly treated.

Fortunately, at StartHearing we have taken customer needs into account and transformed our hearing aid experience into a user-friendly, customer-centered process.

Now, it is easier than ever before to shop for hearing aids online. At StartHearing, we provide you with everything you need to make an informed and confident purchase.

The Hearing Aid Purchase Made Easy

We’ve Streamlined the Hearing Aid Process

1) Hearing Loss Awareness

Whether you’ve had your hearing tested by a professional audiologist or have concluded on your own that you may be experiencing hearing loss, the first step is realizing your hearing loss. While you should get your hearing tested by a hearing specialist, it is not necessary at this point in the process. First things first, identify that your hearing isn’t what it used to be.

2) Choose a StartHearing Healthcare Center Near You

We’ve partnered with hearing aid specialists and audiologists from coast to coast to bring you the most comprehensive national hearing health network. All you have to do is enter your zip code and choose the StartHearing affiliated hearing center nearest you. This will be where you will have your hearing screened, get custom fitted for your hearing aid, and receive follow-up aftercare.

3) Build Your Own Custom Hearing Aid Online

This is where you get to browse and compare the latest hearing aid technologies. The process is simple; highlight any given technology and details surrounding this technology will appear. This information highlights each technology or device specifications so you may determine which may be best for your particular level of hearing loss.

You don’t need to be an expert. All you really need to know is what type of lifestyle you prefer and what you would like your new hearing device to do.

  • How active are you?
  • What listening environment do you often find yourself in?
  • Are you looking for assistance hearing daily conversation at home? Work? A crowded social event?

Simply select the technology level that you Think closely resembles your needs – No Payment, No Commitment Required!

4) Schedule a Custom Fitting Appointment

Having chosen the hearing aid style and technology that suits you best, you will then be able to easily schedule an appointment online at the StartHearing affiliated hearing center nearest you. At your appointment, your hearing health specialist will screen your hearing and discuss with you your current hearing health. This is to ensure you will be receiving the right hearing device for your hearing loss. No second guessing, No luck of the draw, No risk.

Once you are confident about your decision and depending on the type of hearing aid selected, your audiologist may take ear mold impressions for a comfortable custom fit and begin the process of programming and instructing you on your new hearing aid’s functionality.

5) Experience Better Hearing

This is where you receive your custom made, professionally fit and adjusted hearing aids… for the Guaranteed Lowest Price! We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Your satisfaction is so important to us that if for whatever reason you decide your hearing device isn’t right for you, we’ll work with you to replace it with a more suitable hearing aid at no cost to you.

The Benefits of Online Hearing Aid Shopping

You may feel skeptical about purchasing hearing aids online, but we’re here to tell you the benefits to buying hearing aids online are clear:

  • Convenience- You can shop and compare hearing aid styles or technologies anytime and anywhere with no pressure from a sales associate.
  • Risk-Free Purchase – With StartHearing, you get peace of mind knowing that you can change your mind about your selected hearing aid at no extra cost. It’s a worry-free experience.
  • Reliable Customer Service – Our products are certified and handled by professional audiologists who provide excellent knowledge and service.
  • Customizable- Shopping online, you get more options than in store. You can choose from different colors, several technologies, and designs that suit your needs.
  • Lowest Price Guarantee – Our nation-wide affiliated network of audiologists and hearing health specialists enable us to offer steep discounts on many high-quality devices. We cut out the middleman and the markups of retail chains. When purchasing your hearing aids online with StartHearing, you will be getting your money’s worth.
  • Service After the Sale – Unlike hearing aid chains and retail department stores, StartHearing provides all our customers with quality, high-value services after you take your hearing aids home. Maintenance, adjustment,fine-tuning, and cleaning are just some of the services that come with your purchase and at no extra cost to you!

Shop Hearing Aids Online Today & Start Hearing

It’s easier and safer to order a hearing aid online than ever before. Begin exploring the different hearing aid styles and technologies we offer Here or find a StartHearing Specialist near you Here. Better hearing is easier than you may have thought, if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call our Customer Care Advocates or contact us online today!