Adjust Your Hearing Aids with Your Smartphone  

older person's hand pointing at smartphone

Have you been shopping for hearing aids online? You might be surprised to find out that exciting features are available, like smartphone compatibility. Having the ability to connect your smartphone with your hearing aids can help with speech audibility, environmental noise, and geotagging. 

For tech-savvy hearing aid owners, smartphone compatibility is the perfect customization during the online shopping experience. If you own one of the following devices, you could be on your way to smartphone compatibility sooner than you thought!

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Android Phones

Let’s take a look at the different benefits of using your smartphone with your hearing aids.

Stream Audio to Your Hearing Aids

Bluetooth wireless technology will help you stream phone calls, music, and television directly to your hearing aids. Not only will you be able to adjust the volume easily with your phone, you can block out competing background noise.

Concealed & Remote Adjustments with Your Device

While using hearing aid apps on your phone, no one will know whether you are adjusting your hearing aid or checking your email. Adept smartphone users enjoy the ease of using a device to adjust settings. It is private and discreet. 

Smartphones Allow for Geotagging

Geotagging with your smartphone may seem like something out of a science fiction novel. Every ime you head into your favorite (noisy) restaurant, you won’t have to take time to adjust the settings to hear better. With smartphone compatibility, your device will adjust to your saved settings as your location changes! Saved location settings make it easy to switch according to your surroundings. 

Use Your Smartphone as Your Remote Microphone

With smartphone compatibility, you can eliminate a remote microphone as an extra hearing aid accessory. In this case, your smartphone becomes your remote microphone, and since we often carry our phones with us, it is unlikely you will forget it — no more misplacing your remote microphone before your most important meetings.

iPhone & Android Compatible

Some people assume that different apps are only available for Apple products, but the hearing aids available on have smartphone compatibility for both Apple and Android smartphones and devices. Whether you have an iPad or a Galaxy S8, your mobile device will work with your new hearing aids.

Buying Hearing Aids Online with Smartphone Compatibility

If you are a smartphone user shopping for hearing aids online, is the perfect place to find them. Our hearing aids are personally customized, adjusted, and maintained by local hearing professionals and audiologists. You will love the added features available, like smartphone compatibility.

Our online shopping experience allows you to build a hearing aid that is perfect for you. First we will schedule a comprehensive hearing exam or hearing aid consultation with a professional close to you. After building and customizing your hearing aids, you will have a fitting to ensure your hearing aid is comfortable and effective. At StartHearing, we are committed to providing custom made, professionally fit hearing aids at the guaranteed lowest price. Start shopping for hearing aids online today!