What Hearing Aid Styles are Available Online?

If you suffer from hearing loss and are currently looking for hearing aids online, you might be overwhelmed with the options available. Not only do you want affordable hearing aids, you want them to be comfortable and the perfect fit for your lifestyle. StartHearing.com carries different styles of high quality, custom-made hearing aids to ensure you receive the right fit for your ears.

Which is the best style for you? Let’s take a look at the different hearing aid styles available on StartHearing.com, below:

Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids

Receiver-in-canal hearing aid devices are split up into two sections, with the microphone and amplifier placed behind the ear and the receiver inserted within the ear canal. These are great for first-time hearing aid wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss. 

These devices have several benefits for those looking to improve their quality of hearing. First of all, RIC hearing aids are lightweight, discreet, and rest deep within the ear canal. Not only does this design result in a comfortable fit, they provide natural sound quality due to their location in your ear. Sound profiles will be clearer and more natural. While receiver-in-canal hearing aids are small and comfortable, this can also make them more difficult to handle and easy to lose.

Another benefit of RIC hearing aids is that they have adjustable power levels. If your hearing loss progresses over time, you will have the ability to change power levels to adapt, rather than buying a completely new hearing aid. 

Completely-In-Canal (CIC) Hearing Aids

If you lead an active lifestyle, a Completely-in-Canal hearing aid might be a great option for you. CIC hearing aids are small and custom-molded to fit your ear canal shape. This personalized fit provides maximum comfort and prevents them from falling out or getting caught in clothing. These devices stand up to all sorts of activities — even sports that require helmets or headgear will not interfere with this style of hearing aid. 

Not only are CIC hearing aids comfortable during exercise and sports, they are manufactured with a moisture and wax-repelling design. They are durable and built to last.

While there are many benefits of CIC hearing aids, there are also some downsides due to their small size. They might be difficult for some users to insert and remove, and they have smaller batteries than other styles of hearing aids. You will find yourself charging your hearing aid’s battery more often than other hearing aids. Despite this, Completely-in-Canal hearing aids are still a popular style for active individuals. 

Invisible (IIC) Hearing Aids

If you want your hearing aid to be undetectable to an outside observer, an Invisible-in-Canal hearing aid is mostly likely what you are looking for. IIC hearing aids are smaller than a fingertip, making these devices practically invisible to everyone around you. 

IIC hearing aids pair perfectly with remote controls or your mobile device. You will be able to make adjustments quickly and discreetly, without anyone realizing it. Like Completely-in-Canal hearing aids, IIC devices are small in size, fitting deep within the ear canal. 

Because of their fit within the ear canal, IIC hearing aids allow for a more natural sound profile, but require regular maintenance and cleaning. 

Find the Right Hearing Aid Style for You at StartHearing.com 

Shopping online for hearing aids can be overwhelming, but StartHearing.com makes the process an easy one. First you will be paired with a local hearing professional or audiologist for a comprehensive hearing exam and/or hearing aid consultation. This will help to determine which hearing aid style will best compliment your level of hearing loss as well as your lifestyle. This is no out-of-the-box hearing aid purchase. 

You will be able to build your hearing aids on StartHearing.com with personalized features, like smartphone compatibility and rechargeable batteries. Your device will be personally customized, adjusted, and maintained to ensure you are receiving the best quality hearing possible.

Start shopping for hearing aids online today at StartHearing.com. Our professional, localized touch will ensure you get the best hearing aid at the best price.