Would you buy a pacemaker at Costco or Walmart?

For most, that answer is a resounding “NO!”

When it comes to purchasing hearing aids, you need to take your time and do your research to find the best device to satisfy your hearing needs. Hearing aids, after all, are sophisticated medical devices and are under no circumstances considered a stopgap accessory to be purchased alongside your groceries.

Generally, people with hearing loss will shop around to find the best deal they can. What they do not realize is that price should not be the sole deciding factor when selecting your hearing aids. It is often too late when they realize “You get what you pay for.

At best, purchasing from a big box store means you’re missing out on essential services such as custom fitting, hearing aid programming, aftercare, and ongoing maintenance.  These services are crucial to ensuring your hearing aid is working properly both immediately after purchase and for the long run. At worst, you waste your hard earned money on a lackluster product and a style and level of technology that will not properly address your hearing loss.

 The Advantages of Purchasing a Hearing Aid Online

StartHearing is quickly becoming the new standard of care when it comes to purchasing hearing aids online. Our mission is to create the most convenient way to purchase high quality, custom fit, and affordable hearing devices. Having partnered with a nationwide hearing healthcare network, we are able to provide you with the hearing aid style and technology you need, working within your budget, and combined with the care and services of a local audiologist near you.

When you shop for hearing aids online with StartHearing you get…

Top Models & Big Discounts

Hearing aids are life-changing devices and one of the greatest difficulties many consumers face is their historically high price point. Our partnership with local audiologists and hearing instrument specialists across the United States enables us to cut out the markups of retail chains and offer credible name brand hearing aids at discounts above 50%.

Personally Selected Technology

StartHearing allows you to browse and compare a wide variety of hearing aid styles, models, and optional features so you may best choose the hearing technologies you need. This allows you to receive exactly the hearing device and available options you want and none of the extras you don’t want. Once chosen, you may then make an appointment with your local hearing health provider to ensure you’re getting the right device for your hearing loss.

If later you discover that your new device isn’t exactly what you need, your hearing health provider will work with you to help you build the perfect hearing aid with no additional fee.

Peace of Mind Before the First Payment

The great thing about shopping for hearing aids online through StartHearing is that you DO NOT have to spend any money before you know for sure that the hearing device you selected is the right device for your hearing loss.

The online process is straightforward, simple, and is designed to provide you with a no hassle shopping experience. There will be no unwanted pressure from sales associates, allowing you to browse and compare hearing aid models and styles at your own pace. 

Professional Hearing Health Care

When you purchase hearing aids online with StartHearing, you’ll receive personally tailored services long after the point of sale. Not only will a local hearing health care provider ensure you have selected the right device for your hearing loss but they will also custom fit, program, and instruct you on how to get the most use out of your new device. On top of all that, they will provide cleaning and maintenance services, performance updates, and conduct annual hearing examinations to help you track and manage your hearing loss.

All of this at no extra cost to you.

The Disadvantages of Purchasing a Hearing Aid from a Big Box Store

Limited Style & Technology

Big box stores often carry limited selections of hearing aid styles that are actually stripped down versions of comparable models designed specifically for bulk sales with a one size fits all approach. They will not offer all of the available technology options and consequently will not be the best choice for your individual hearing loss. When purchasing a hearing aid, you want to be certain you are getting the best device for your level of hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle.

Lack of Post-Purchase Services

Many large retail stores do not offer any services past the point of sale. This means if your hearing aid ever needs special maintenance, adjusting, or cleaning (and they certainly will) you will be forced to pay for these extra services out of pocket.

Even worse, if a retailer does not have a hearing healthcare specialist on staff, you will have to ship your hearing aids to the manufacturer for maintenance. This could leave you without your hearing aids for potentially weeks and without a loner device while you wait.

No Professional Recommendation or Fitting

Hearing aids are intricate medical devices, because of this, they need to be programmed, tuned, and adjusted to meet the needs of your specific level of hearing loss. It is not uncommon for hearing aids to require multiple adjustments over multiple appointments during your hearing aid acclimation period.

When you purchase hearing aids from a big box store, you may not be certain whether they will be suitable for your type of hearing loss, if they will fit comfortably within your ear canal, or if they can withstand the demands of your lifestyle or living environment.

Shop for Hearing Aids Online with Confidence

When you buy your hearing aids from a big box store, you really don’t know what you’re getting. A quality device? A fair price? Professional care? Probably not. But buying your hearing aids online with StartHearing, you can be certain you are getting it all; focused professional care, reputable hearing devices, and the guaranteed lowest price.

Begin your journey towards better hearing health today find the help of highly trained professionals. We promise high-quality hearing aids paired with high-quality service at the lowest possible price. StartHearing today.