Why Choose Us?

Why Start Hearing?

Start Hearing is the standard for affordable hearing help with a professional, localized touch. Our philosophy is making the journey to better hearing easier and more convenient for the hard of hearing through high quality, custom made, affordable hearing devices.

We have partnered with a large hearing health care network to help make better hearing a reality in your local area. From finding the hearing aid style you need, to working within your budget, we have the custom-made, professionally fit hearing solution for you!


  • Start Hearing offers sophisticated name brand products at discounts over 50% off retail prices.
  • Ability to build your own hearing aid, custom made just for you.
  • Professional hearing care providers fit and tune the hearing aids for you to ensure proper fit and hearing clarity.

What Should I Expect?

To get the best experience out of your hearing aids, it’s imperative that you see a qualified hearing health professional. Our expert hearing specialists will properly fit, calibrate, and upgrade your hearing aids for life.

Step 1: You competed a hearing test, were informed you had a loss and were shocked at the price of high quality hearing aids – insert Start Hearing!

Step 2: Choose the Start Hearing affiliated Hearing Healthcare Center nearest you!

Step 3: Build and customize your own hearing aid(s) – no payment required!

Step 4: Schedule a fitting appointment with a Start Hearing affiliated Hearing Healthcare Center and bring in your order form

Step 5: Receive Custom Made, Professional Fit Hearing Aids at the Guaranteed Lowest Price!

We promise:

  • Our local provider will program and show you how to use your instruments
  • Our local provider will clean and maintain your instruments
  • Our local provider will download performance updates to your instruments to update your hearing aids as new software/firmware updates are available
  • Our local provider will conduct an annual hearing examination and program a new prescription into your hearing aids every year

How much will this service cost you? NOTHING! All of this is FREE for Start Hearing patients!

There are other hearing aid websites that offer entry-level generic products that may not meet your needs or offer name brand products with no service.

Start Hearing offers you the best name brand products at the lowest price WITH the service you need to give you the best hearing experience. In addition to the lowest prices, we also offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose!