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Understanding the cost of hearing aids

While the initial price of hearing aids may feel overwhelming, it’s important to remember that they are ultimately an investment in your health and well-being. The great news is that when you choose Start Hearing, you’re choosing a partner who provides program benefits and discounts that help lower the cost for you.

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Hearing aid cost factors

To gain a better understanding of why hearing aids cost what they do, learn about the main factors that contribute to their overall price.

Valuable tech features

Available in many shapes and sizes, today’s hearing aids are packed with features and functionality that not only improve your hearing but also offer additional benefits to your everyday life.

Today’s hearing aids can:
  • Be controlled via an app

  • Stream media audio and calls via Bluetooth

  • Remind you of important tasks

  • Send Fall Alerts to loved ones if you fall

  • Track health-related activity

  • Use artificial intelligence to translate other languages in real time

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OTC hearing aids

We proudly offer hearing aids for purchase over the counter. For adults 18+ who believe they have mild to moderate hearing loss, OTC hearing aids may be a great solution to help you get back to hearing and living your best.

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Hearing aid payment options

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to benefit from hearing aids. Here are ways to pay for your hearing aids and return to a life rich in sound.

Why you should choose Start Hearing

We’re proud to offer continuous support and benefits to help make your journey to better hearing as easy as possible.

Start Hearing

Risk-free trial: Up to 60 days for prescription & up to 30 days for OTC

1-yr. limited warranty for OTC & up to 3-yr. deluxe warranty plan with loss & damage coverage for prescription

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