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The best hearing aid technology for your best hearing

Our hearing aids come in many different shapes and sizes (known as form factors) to meet different needs like lifestyle, severity of hearing loss, size of ear canal, and more.

With the latest technology, you’ll be able to enjoy hearing aids that offer:


The latest hearing aid styles we offer are Bluetooth connected and app enabled for advanced control options from your mobile device.

Sleek design

All of our hearing aids are subtle in appearance and come in a variety of colors to match your skin tone or hair color.

Superior sound quality

Our hearing aids amplify the sounds you want to hear while diminishing the ones you don’t.

Will my insurance cover hearing aids?

The cost of hearing aids may be covered by your health insurance plan. Use our helpful insurance calculator tool for a breakdown of your estimated costs.

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Understanding the cost of hearing aids

Hearing aids are sophisticated devices that range in price. Learn why hearing aids cost what they do and explore the various ways to pay for them. 

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Explore our hearing aids

Learn about the different types of hearing aids available so you and your Start Hearing provider can discuss which might be right for you.



Rests discretely behind the ear
  • More discreet than behind-the-ear styles

  • Quick and easy fit — take home same day

  • Durable design

  • “Open” fit provides more natural sound quality of wearer’s voice

  • Available in a variety of colors

Product technology tiers

Our prescription hearing aids are all available at different technology tiers. Your Start Hearing provider will help you choose an appropriate tier based on your level of hearing loss and your lifestyle.

What's new: The latest hearing aid tech

Far from what they once were, hearing aids have evolved to not only deliver the most natural and comfortable sound but also to include features and technology to help enhance your everyday life.

AI empowered
Outstanding sound quality

Hearing aids with artificial intelligence

With AI integration, we’ve embarked on a new chapter of what hearing aids can add to your life.

With AI, your hearing aids can:

  • Detect if you fall and send for help with Fall Alert

  • Translate languages in real-time

  • Transcribe what you say on your command

  • Learn your preferences and adapt, filtering out what you don’t want to hear and amplifying what you do

  • Track certain health metrics

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A hearing professional will perform an examination of your ears and conduct a hearing evaluation. If hearing aids are recommended, your provider will discuss which hearing aid style will best suit your needs and order them for you. Depending on the style you select, you may need a follow-up appointment to have them tuned and fitted.

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Your hearing provider and our Hearing Care Advisors are always here with ongoing support once you’re out living and hearing better thanks to your new hearing aids. And not to worry: Every Start Hearing purchase comes with free follow-up visits, annual exams, and a deluxe warranty.

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