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Unsure if you have hearing loss? Our online screening is a great place to start.

In just minutes, we can help you determine if you have hearing loss and at what severity level (mild to moderate, severe to profound, or none at all). It’s completely free and doesn’t require any personal information to be submitted.

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This online screening is not meant to replace a thorough evaluation from a hearing professional or audiologist, but it can help verify any current hearing loss you may have and guide you toward seeking potentially needed treatment.

How the online hearing screening works

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Over the course of a few scenarios, we’ll ask you to listen for different sounds and words and tell us what you can hear and at what volume level. How you respond will help us evaluate what types of sounds you can and cannot hear and how background noises are impacting your hearing.

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Based on your screening, we’ll quickly be able to tell you what level of hearing loss we believe you have and provide you with the appropriate next steps. 

Levels of hearing loss:

No hearing loss detected
All sounds and speech can be heard, even at low volumes
Mild to moderate hearing loss
Struggle to hear or understand speech at a normal volume level
Severe to profound hearing loss
Almost no speech or no speech at all can be heard at normal levels and only loud sounds can be heard

Signs of hearing loss

  • Trouble understanding conversations in noisy places

  • Frequently asking people to repeat themselves

  • Needing the television or radio set to very high volumes

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Buy OTC hearing aids

If you believe you have mild to moderate hearing loss and are 18+ years old, our hearing aids available over the counter may be a great solution and are conveniently available to buy from select hearing professionals without a prescription or evaluation.

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Frequently asked questions about hearing loss

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