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Why Start Hearing

We’re here to be your partner on your path to better hearing.

Dedicated to making better hearing accessible to everyone, Start Hearing provides significant discounts on prescription hearing aids obtained through our nationwide network of providers, as well as OTC hearing aids available over the counter and suitable for those with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss.

Our benefits

We proudly offer two ways to support your hearing health, each with its own benefits:

Provider-supplied prescription hearing aids

We connect you with licensed hearing care providers to treat your hearing loss in their hearing centers.

OTC hearing aids

We offer hearing aids available over the counter for adults 18+ with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss that you can purchase from select hearing professionals without the need for a prescription appointment.

No matter which path is right for you, we provide ongoing support and program benefits to help you continue to hear your best every day.

Provider-supplied program benefits
OTC benefits

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Exclusive Start Hearing discounts

Available on all hearing aid styles and technology tiers

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Up to 60-day risk-free trial

Make sure you’re happy with your hearing aids and let us know if you need help!

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Up to 3-year deluxe warranty

With one-time loss and damage coverage per hearing aid*

*professional service fees may apply

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Ongoing support

From pre- to post-purchase, our Hearing Care Advisors are here with unlimited support and guidance every step of the way

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Financing options

We proudly offer Wells Fargo Health Advantage® financing and credit card programs

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FREE office visits

Up to 6 FREE follow-up office visits within the first year

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Annual hearing consultations

For you and your family

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3-year battery supply

Up to a 3-year supply of batteries for all non-rechargeable hearing aids*

*40 cells per hearing aid purchased per year

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3,000+ providers

Get access to a nationwide network of providers

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What sets us apart:

We’re always with you

From our network of 3,000+ providers to our warranty program to the ongoing care from our Hearing Care Advisors, we offer care that goes well beyond our products.

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We reduce cost barriers

Start Hearing proudly offers exclusive discounts and financing options to help make better hearing accessible to everyone.

Understanding the cost of hearing aids

There’s an option for everyone

With so many options to choose from, we have hearing aids that will be suited to your level of hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your budget.

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We offer the latest technology

Committed to the continuous advancement of hearing aid technology, we proudly offer the very latest innovations, including AI-enabled hearing aids.

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Explore OTC hearing aids

Your hearing aid options

Hearing aid styles

Hearing aids come in a variety of shapes and sizes (called form factors) to accommodate different levels of hearing loss and different lifestyles. Learn about the options available to you and which might be best for your needs.

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OTC hearing aids

Perfect for those 18+ years old who believe they have mild to moderate hearing loss, Start Hearing proudly offers hearing aids that you can purchase over the counter from select hearing professionals without an evaluation.

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